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We are very proud to carry Ozark Mountain Creamery milk--a dairy/creamery committed to providing families with the freshest, tastiest, and highest quality milk possible!  Ozark Mountain uses a very unique pasteurization process called VAT Pasteurization, a slower and lower temperature pasteurization process.  This ensures the bad bacteria are eliminated, yet preserves more of the natural attributes of the milk than traditional higher temperature methods.  Based on customer feedback, many people that are lactose intolerant can drink this milk.  Is this because of the vat pasteurization?  We can’t prove it, but we believe pasteurizing the milk at a lower temperature preserves the enzymes that aid digestion of the milk, making this milk more easily digested by those with a lactose intolerance.  

Ozark Mountain Creamery products are fresh, wholesome, and naturally produced. The creamery grows about 90% of what is fed to their dairy cows, which is GMO-free and pesticide free. The fields are even fertilized from their lagoon. Ozark Mountain Creamery cows have NEVER been given artificial
hormones (rbst).


After milking the cows, the milk is processed and bottled within 48 hours, giving you the consumer perhaps the freshest milk you’ve ever tasted!

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